Allegations force Humane Society layoffs |

Allegations force Humane Society layoffs

LAKEWOOD, Colo. ” Colorado Humane Society officials said they have closed their animal clinic in Lakewood, laid off veterinarians and workers amid reports of violations regarding the care of animals at its facilities.

Arapahoe County announced Wednesday they were ending their contract with the animal care group, citing violations that include disposing of euthanized animals in a Dumpster.

The county paid the Humane Society $4,125 a month to house and care for stray animals, dispose and cremate deceased animals, and hold animals involved in bites.

Bob Warren, director of development for the Colorado Humane Society told KUSA-TV that former employees were giving the group a bad reputation and he praised dedicated volunteers.

“We spend more to have our animals cremated than anybody else in town,” Warren said.

Cash donations have dropped 80 percent since the allegations recently surfaced, he said.

“We operate on about $1 million a year. That seems like a lot, but we save 92 percent of the animals that come here,” he said.

Some of the allegations were investigated by the Tri-County Health Department and the Colorado Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Industry.

Arapahoe County sent a certified letter Oct. 17 notifying the Humane Society it was ending its agreement for services.

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