Alleged ethnic insult gets man in trouble |

Alleged ethnic insult gets man in trouble

Daily Staff Report

Daily Staff Report

GYPSUM ” An angry client at an airport car rental counter discovered bringing up ethnicity in an argument can lead to trouble.

The 64-year-old New York man had rented a car and headed east, when a light on the dashboard came on, indicating low tire pressure. He said the car also developed a shimmy, and called up the rental company to explain the situation. He then turned the car around and headed back to the rental counter.

When he arrived, he was agitated, and apparently didn’t want to wait in line, according to a police report.

While the clerk was dealing with other customers, he allegedly began yelling and swearing. He allegedly told the clerk she was “in the wrong country” and threatened to have her fired.

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Other employees called the cops. The man told the sheriff’s deputy who responded that he also was from a law enforcement family. He denied using any inappropriate language, though witnesses alleged otherwise.

The man was ticketed on suspicion of harassment and ethnic intimidation.

Lobby lout

An intoxicated man stumbled into the lobby of a Beaver Creek hotel shortly before midnight and allegedly created a commotion.

The 33-year-old Florida man allegedly swore loudly at the staff, who called the police. When a deputy arrived, the rowdy patron immediately quieted down, and apologized for his behavior. A friend promised to take him back to his room. The man was warned that a second call to the cops would result in charges.

Twenty minutes later, the man was allegedly back in the lobby, again acting belligerently. The deputy returned, and the Florida man was taken to jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

Disappearing bottle

A $100 bottle of wine was the undoing of a Vail Associates warehouse employee.

Several employees had been working at the company’s warehouse in Eagle-Vail when the bottle of wine arrived in a shipment. The boss made note of that, and instructed the employees to send the wine and other items up to storage on an elevator.

However, when the elevator arrived, the wine was missing. The boss conducted an immediate search of employees’ cars. The wine bottle was allegedly found in one man’s front seat.

The cops were summoned, and the now ex-employee was charged on suspicion of theft.

Bulky giveaway

Clerks at a store in Beaver Creek kept an eye on a teenager whom they believed was acting suspicious.

The boy took a $1,320 Prada ski parka off the rack, and went into the dressing room with it. When he came out, and headed toward the exit, his ski jacket was looking bulky ” and the collar of another jacket was allegedly sticking out.

He was charged on suspicion of theft.

A warrant … and then some

When deputies went to serve a felony warrant on a Gypsum man who allegedly failed to register as a sex offender, they smelled marijuana when the man opened his door. Several people were inside the house.

Initially, nobody admitted to smoking dope. Then, the 34-year-old man, who was being served, allegedly admitted that he had been smoking, and directed deputies to a baggie of marijuana and some rolling papers he had stashed in a pocket.

He was charged on suspicion of failure to register as a sex offender and possession of marijuana.

This article first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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