Alleged victim in Bryant case files federal lawsuit |

Alleged victim in Bryant case files federal lawsuit

Kobe Bryant’s alleged victim expanded her case to federal court Tuesday with a lawsuit.

The alleged victim attorneys, John Clune and Lin Wood, filed the lawsuit against Kobe Bean Bryant in Federal Court in Denver. The alleged victim is suing Bryant for unspecified monetary damages.

Clune and Wood said in Tuesday’s complaint, “This action for sexual assault arises out of the unlawful and unwelcomed rape of the plaintiff by defendant Kobe Bryant on the night of June 30, 2003.”

The complaint contains numerous details regarding the alleged sexual assault, occurring on June 30, 2003, at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera. Bryant was a guest there, and the alleged victim worked at the front desk.

Bryant’s criminal trial is set to begin on Friday, Aug. 27, in Eagle County. The largest jury pool in Eagle County history has been summonsed, 999 potential jurors have been called.

Krista Flannigan, District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman, said, “The complaint filed in federal court has nothing to do with the criminal case in state District Court. We are moving ahead with the criminal prosecution in the case against Kobe Bryant.”

It’s ironic that the federal case would land in Matsch’s court.

Last week, it was Matsch’s gag order from that Oklahoma City bombing case that Bryant’s defense attorneys modeled their request for a blanket gag order in the Bryant criminal case. Ruckriegle granted that request, banning any “extrajudicial statements” by attorneys and almost anyone else connected with the case.

Local defense attorney and former state and federal prosecutor David Lugert said, “That gag order should effectively prohibit Bryant’s defense attorneys, Harold Haddon and Pamela Mackey, from commenting on the federal complaints filed Tuesday.”

“The gag order allows no extrajudicial comments whatsoever,” said Lugert. “He (Judge Ruckriegle) did not limit his order to the criminal case.”

Lugert said Tuesday’s federal complaint contains much more graphic detail about the alleged sexual assault than we now know publicly.

The alleged victim’s attorneys requested their client be indentified as a “Jane Doe” plaintiff.

Local defense attorney Jim Fahrenholtz said, “This is just a ploy

The accuer’s attorneys are using this as a form to circumvent the gag order.”

However, when asked about the federal lawsuit earlier today, the alleged victim’s attorney, Lin Wood, said he couldn’t talk about it because of the gag order.

The case is assigned to Judge Matsch, the judge who heard the Oklahoma City bombing case in federal court in Denver. Matsch has presided over high-profile cases in the past, including the desegregation of Denver schools, ruled the Ku Klux Klan could march in Denver on Martin Luther King’s birthday, and presided over the trial of four members of the white supremacist anti-Semitic group known as The Order. The four were charged in the 1984 murder of radio talk show host Alan Berg.

Randy Wyrick is covering the Kobe Bryant case for the Vail Daily, based in Vail, Colorado. He can be reached at or at (970) 949-0555 ext 615.

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