Allegedly drunk pickup driver lands on wrong side of law and wildlife fence |

Allegedly drunk pickup driver lands on wrong side of law and wildlife fence

AVON — A man apparently living in his truck almost died in it when he drove through a wildlife fence and into some boulders on Tuesday morning, Sept. 4.

Around 2:37 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4, an Avon Police officer was monitoring interstate traffic when he noticed the man’s emergency flashers were blinking. The man, an Indiana resident who has not yet been named, was sitting in his red Ford F-150 beside the eastbound lane of Interstate 70 in Avon, according to the police report.

The officer motored over to the pickup to assist and noticed the driver appeared to be inebriated, the report said. The officer asked the man to step out of his vehicle, but instead the driver hit the gas and drove away, police said.

The Indiana man made it about a quarter mile before veering off the right side of the highway and traveling at an angle for 254 feet, where he hit the fence, Avon Police said.

He took out about 40 feet of fence after he hit it, and finally stopped when he crashed into some boulders about 40 feet beyond the fence.

Avon Police said the man may have been transient in this area, living out of his truck, and his driver’s license has twice been revoked for alcohol violations. He was transported to Vail Health Hospital for his injuries.

When he’s well enough to travel, he’ll be taken to the Eagle County jail, where he will be officially charged.

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