Allen Lund brings his landscape paintings to Vail’s Cogswell Gallery |

Allen Lund brings his landscape paintings to Vail’s Cogswell Gallery

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” Allen Lund, a landscape painter now residing in Salt Lake City, has been painting for about 15 years. He went to school to become a stock broker and after graduating, found himself working for his family’s printing business.

“The stress of that job I didn’t like so I would paint in the evenings and before I knew it I was … making more money as an artist than I was as a partner in this company, so it just became kind of a no-brainer to go for it,” said the 40-year-old artist.

Lund has been making a living selling his oil paintings ever since. He’ll be showing some of his work at an exhibit at Cogswell Gallery in Vail, beginning with an artist reception Saturday night. The exhibit will run through the middle of January.

“We’ve always tried to look for those emerging artists or those people that are taking a fresh approach to something and introduce that into the gallery to freshen things up and add some excitement to it,” said Steven DeWitt Jr., director of Cogswell Gallery.

What struck DeWitt about Lund’s work is his color palette, as well as the composition and lighting that he uses in his paintings. DeWitt was also impressed with the size and quality of Lund’s work, he said.

“I think my color palette is very pleasing,” Lund said. “I feel like my work is more about an emotion than it is about a specific place. Most artists will go out and paint a specific location like the Gore Range or certain areas of Piney Lake that are extremely obvious. I am constantly editing and orchestrating a painting to create a certain emotion in the painting.”

With the increased exposure in Vail, Lund hopes that a greater and more diverse audience will get to see his paintings and that hopefully some of them will find new homes.

“Most of my collectors in the Vail Valley live in the Vail Valley. This opportunity gives me a chance to sell to people outside of Vail who are visitors,” Lund said.

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