Allison Price Groff lived a life of beauty, peace, art and dance (obituary) |

Allison Price Groff lived a life of beauty, peace, art and dance (obituary)

Allison Price Groff took flight from this world peacefully in her Denver home on May 8, 2018, just before her 42nd birthday. Ali was a beloved and dear friend to many. A native of Colorado, she was a loyal and adoring daughter, sister, and aunt. She loved the world and her own, precious life with the ferocity of a mama tiger. She was a protectress of beauty and dignity.

Ali’s religion was kindness, and she lived in service to that calling. Amongst her favorite things to do was to bring food and water to the homeless, to leave little gifts on the doorsteps of neighbors, and to knit exquisite clothing for her loved ones. She had a knack for recognizing beauty in all things, and her appreciation for beauty was reflected in how she lived, the way she loved, and the lessons she gleaned from her life.

“I love you” and “Thank you” were Ali’s favorite phrases, and she used them often. She felt that the relationships she cultivated with her tribe and community sustained her. Yet, it was her own deeply giving nature that filled the hearts of so many, and inspired others to experience a greater sense of gratitude and appreciation for their own lives.

Her soul was nourished by the silence of nature; her body was nourished by movement. Ali was a dancer and yogini, and before that, a long-distance runner. To watch her dance was to witness embodied poetry. She had a refined palate, and when she was able, cooked wonderful, nutritious meals. She loved to keep jars of dried herbs on her shelves, whimsical glass bobbles and hand-crafted fairies hanging from her ceiling, and a dreamcatcher above her bed. She strived to create a modest and contemplative life and found pleasure in the simple things. She wore her heart on her sleeve. She believed in transparency and raw honesty and expressed herself and her love for others unabashedly. She shared herself generously in her exquisite wholeness.

Throughout Ali’s 20-year battle with chronic health issues, among them late-stage Lyme disease, she found the strength for nearly a decade to take on the role of sole caregiver for her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. The exceptional bond of love that developed between mother and daughter during that special time was, Ali felt, part of the fulfillment of her life’s purpose. She recently described their journey in the following words: “Together we made the most beautiful lemonade out of lemons. The sweetest, best-tasting, most awesome lemonade you have ever dreamt of.”

She felt fortunate to have experienced the deepest of loves with her mother, and throughout her years, she was also blessed to strengthen an already incredibly special and much treasured bond with her supportive and adoring father. Despite her physical challenges, due to the immense love that she was able to give and which in return and from all sides filled her vessel, Ali felt that her life was well-lived and complete.

We will hold Ali in our hearts each time we witness the magnificence of a sunrise. We will feel her presence each spring, as the cherry trees blossom in the Denver Botanic Gardens. We will feel her warmth and caring, each time the sun touches our skin. Amongst her final requests, she asked that she be celebrated rather than mourned, for in many ways, her life was a masterpiece.

The family is deeply grateful for the amazing, caring friends who have loved and supported Ali.

Our dearly loved Ali is survived by her father, Neal Groff of Denver and the Vail Valley, and mother, Diane Price Groff of Denver; also by her younger brothers (both of the Vail Valley) Christian Groff and Fletcher Groff, along with his wife, Julie, and their two sons, Barrett and Boden.

We will celebrate Ali’s life on Friday, June 8 at 10 a.m. at Seven Stones (an outdoor, natural setting, south of Chatfield State Park), 9635 North Rampart Range Rd., Littleton. Please allow time for the drive, and wear colorful attire, per Ali’s request.

To honor Allison P. Groff, Donations can be made to: LivLyme Foundation 700 N. Colorado Blvd. #674, Denver CO 80206,; or to Denver Botanic Garden 909 York St., Denver, CO 80206. Please note “In Memory of Allison Groff” and your name and address.

Dear Ali, from your loving father:

I have spent 42 years being so very proud of you every step of the way. You were kind to people, you were gentle, and very, very caring. Setting aside your academic accomplishments and talents, you will be remembered for how you connected at a deeper, meaningful level with everyone you met, for your grace, strength and elegance, and for changing the lives of people around you. I love and admire you for this. As a family, the trips we took were so much fun and special to each us; they still bring a smile to my face and deep joy to my heart. The love you showed for your mother over the last 10 years, was like nothing I have ever seen; giving her days purpose with laughter and adventure. You gave your life to care for your mother. Your brothers and I will so deeply miss you each remaining day of our lives.

God bless you and we will see you in the most special place of places.


Dad, your mother, and your adoring brothers.

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