Allison Vossler VCHS |

Allison Vossler VCHS


Class of:2009

Coach(es): Coach Doughty, Coach Pierson and Coach Morris

Lucky charm or trademark:Lucky #15, a special necklace, and my dark blue Abercrombie hoodie.

Ski or Snowboard:Ski (on just about anything but cliffs) and learning to snowboard. Favorite celebrity or athlete:Reese Witherspoon, because she’s a great actress, great mother, comedian, is smart, cool, pretty and is a good role model.

I look up to:

With a million bucks: I’d buy my customized Eclipse Spider (blue conv. with black flames), buy a nice house with a pool, buy a laptop, buy my furniture and a good amount to save for later, and the rest to a good charity.

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