Almost all open space |

Almost all open space

Don Rogers

You have to wonder if the folks who make such a deal about “open space” ever venture off I-70 around here.

Over 80 percent of Eagle County is public land ” open space. And not only that, but beautiful country at that. Much of it is stunningly so.

I had these thoughts Sunday afternoon and early evening while driving out to Deep Lake and beyond in the Flat Tops with my wife. The Flat Tops right now are a riot of wildflowers, too. Just amazing.

We found up four-wheeling to to the Indian Camp trailhead, right at the edge of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area.

It took nearly two hours to get all the way back there, but we hit open space about as soon as we took the Dotsero turnoff north on Colorado River Road, which tied into Coffeepot Road, the dirt lane up and up and up to the high country.

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Nothing like a little drive for perspective around here. The overlook up there to Deep Creek is like Yosemite. Sheer cliffs, evergreens and Ansel Adams light, only in color.

Fill in the valley and all this still will be here. Not that I’m remotely an advocate of making the I-70 ribbon even more urbanized. But these folks who wail about “everything” being ruined just don’t appear to get out much.

You can take almost any road off I-70 and be in the woods in no time. You can do this today. And you will be able to do this even if Eagle County reaches build-out to the worst possible degree. Anyone who truly values “open space” will do this, too.

And those who stay in the valley, wailing about how Eagle County has become a city, kind of deserve to feel that way. They just are completely wrong. Not that those of us just bright enough to get off the highway now and again mind of these folks stay in town. More room for us to enjoy.

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