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Outside of Trump and Biden, who are the 19 other presidential candidates on the Colorado 2020 ballot?

When Colorado voters look at the presidential electors question on the 2020 ballot, they see Donald Trump and Joe Biden at the top, followed by 19 other candidates.

Colorado’s 21 selections put the state in a tie with Vermont for having the most presidential candidates in the 2020 election, according to Ballotpedia. Arkansas and Louisiana follow with 13 candidates each.

But with more diversity in choice comes an evident distance between high-spending campaigns amplified by large teams and massive media buys, and modest efforts defined by a website or social media campaign. There’s also the ballot access issue, where only one of these third-party candidates made it onto the ballots of 50 states and Washington D.C.

So, who are these 19 other candidates on the Colorado ballot? Well, maybe 18 — since you probably know who Kanye West is. The Vail Daily sent out a short Q&A to each. Below are some of the responses we got back.

“I am running for President to let people know how dire the American situation is and what must be done to fix it.  We cannot survive as a country if we do not stop the Republican and Democrat nonsense.” 
— Don Blankenship, Constitution Party (Click here for the full Q&A)

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“Here’s what I’ve been saying for over a decade: we support a Balanced Budget Amendment, Federal Term Limits, outlawing of Gerrymandering, and promotion of a little more Unity in this country.”
— Bill Hammons, Unity Party (Click here for the full Q&A)

“Both of my [main-party] opponents have continued our involvement in deadly and unnecessary foreign wars. Both men drove up debt and raised tariff-taxes that harmed the working class and weakened American industries. Both men allowed special interests to dominate healthcare, at the expense of patients. Both men support police militarization and mass incarceration. My perspectives are very different from my opponents…” 
— Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party (Click here for the full Q&A)

“Until we remove the racism, sexism and white supremacy from our foundations, until we actually abolish slavery and until we remove the Doctrine of Discovery as the legal precedent for land titles, We the People will never mean #AllThePeople.”
— Mark Charles, Unaffiliated (Click here for the full Q&A)

“It is not a question of what we will do, but what the working class must do. Workers must take political power in their own hands, seize the wealth hoarded by the rich and turn the giant banks and corporations into democratically-controlled utilities.” 
– Joseph Kishore, Socialist Equality Party (Click here for the full Q&A)

“We must preserve our God inspired Constitution. We must restore the Checks and Balances that The Spirit of The Lord inspired our Founding Fathers to include in the framework of our Beloved Constitution ..… if we want our Republic to endure. ”
— Kyle Kenley Kopitke, Independent American (Click here for the full Q&A).

“I am offering the American people an opportunity to participate in re-designing the operating system of this country, to make America into a true democracy that honors our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”
— Brock Pierce, Unaffiliated (Click here for the full Q&A)

“We have a three-part plan to restore liberty in America. First, we will replace the Federal Reserve Bank with a credit union that is clean, green, citizen-owned and fully transparent to get off of oil, out of oil-wars, invest in renewables and organics, and split the profits with the people instead of the banks.”
— Joe McHugh, Unaffiliated (Click here for the full Q&A)

Howie Hawkins, Blake Huber, Brian Carroll, Phil Collins, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Dario Hunter, Princess Khadijah Maryam Jacob-Fambro, Alyson Kennedy, Gloria La Riva, Jordan “Cancer” Scott and Kanye West have not returned their questionnaires. This page will be updated until Election Day.

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