Alpine Quest Sports in Edwards has a new owner

After 20 years, former owners happy to hand the business over to another local

Alpine Quest Sports former owners Sean and Cory Glackin, left, are handing over the shop to new owners, Wendy and Jon Rehnborg, right.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

In June, Sean and Cory Glackin put out the word that they’d like to sell Alpine Quest Sports, a shop that specializes in outdoor equipment that they’d been operating for about 20 years, to another local. That word made it around town and Jon Rehnborg answered the call.

“My wife, Wendy, saw the article in the Vail Daily and asked me about possibly buying the business. It did not take much convincing. For me this is a childhood dream come true. I used to hang out in shops like Alpine Quest Sports as a kid,” Jon Rehnborg said. Jon and Wendy and daughter Sadie live in Edwards, where Alpine Quest Sports is located, so it doesn’t get more local than that.

The Glackin’s felt it was important to sell the business to another local. They had been running their own business, Alpine Kayak, as a summer-only operation that concentrated on river sports since 2002. They bought then-named Mountain Quest Sports in 2005 from other long-time locals Chris Amoroso, Craig Russum and Dave Skluzacek. Mountain Quest Sports evolved from The Sports Recycler, which was owned by another long-time local, Karm Trygg.

“I felt that getting the business in the hands of someone who has been in the community and plans to remain for a long time would give Alpine Quest Sports the best chance of success in the future,” Sean Glackin said. “That type of person has more of an understanding of the cyclical nature of our valley, has witnessed steady growth of the area and understands how ultimately mother nature helps impact sales for outdoor gear.”

Jon Rehnborg grew up in Bedford, N.H. before moving to the Vail Valley in 2009 and met Wendy here. The couple bonded over skiing, camping and spending time on the river, but Jon remembers being called to the outdoors when he was a kid.

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“We took a family trip to Steamboat when I was about eight years old, and I was a tree skier from then on. I discovered backpacking and dragged my poor father on some epic trips in New Hampshire and Maine. Sleeping in the woods has added so much joy to my life,” Jon Rehnborg said. “It wasn’t long until I took up climbing through our local shop. Then I had the luck to join a slalom kayak team in high school. We drove around the east coast, kayaking and camping in beautiful places.”

If you’re looking to head into the back country this winter, Alpine Quest Sports can set you up with the equipment you need.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

Jon Rehnborg has worked in the retail, service and construction industry over the years but he believes the most important asset to any business is its people.

“It seems to be overlooked these days, but I think having happy, motivated people is more important than the bottom line. Especially if you’re in the business of fun. Sean and Cory have built a great business and right now I want to learn how they do it,” Jon Rehnborg said. “I am also fortunate to have Chris Schump and Carter Clark stay on as employees. I want to build on what is already a great thing. Providing great products and friendly service to get people out doing what they love.”

The Alpine Quest Sports space has been a few different outdoor gear shops in the past few decades.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

Sean and Cory Glackin are excited to have Jon Rehnborg take over as they look to the next chapter, but they will miss the customers and staff.

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Check out Alpine Quest Sports for kayak and stand up paddle board gear as well as backcountry skiing and climbing equipment.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

“I will miss helping customers get outfitted for all of their outdoor pursuits, but what I will miss most is hanging out with Chris and Carter. Those guys have been like family to me for many years and I appreciate all of their support and hard work along the way,” Sean Glackin said.

“Cory and I would just like to thank everyone who has supported our business over the last 20 years, we truly loved every minute of it,” Sean Glackin said. “I would ask you to stop by and meet Jon and you will find that Alpine Quest Sports is in great hands with Jon, Chris and Carter. Let’s all help them have a great winter!”

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