Amadou Keneme, New America School |

Amadou Keneme, New America School

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Amadou KenemeNew America SchoolHow long in the valley: Four monthsHave you been affected at all by senioritis and if so, how are you dealing with it? NoWhat are your future plans? Finish college, be a soccer player, or get a good job, help myself, my parents, and others too.Fondest high school memory: Everything! The prom we had last week was very good, I did have a lot of fun. They are great people. They are like my second family.How has your high school prepared you for your future? They have helped me to find a college in Denver and a scholarship.Tell us something about you that few people know about you: My honesty, my courage, a great soccer player. I respect everyone, I love my principal, my parents, all my teachers and student friends. I am a hard worker.What makes you smile?: I smile when I play soccer and I see someone else smile, when I go to school, when I talk to my mother in Africa.

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