Amendment would hurt Red Cliff |

Amendment would hurt Red Cliff

Ramon Montoya, Betty Sandoval, Eric Cregon, Tom Henderson, Garrett Scahill and Scott Burgess

On behalf of Red Cliff, the tiny little town in the mountains south of Minturn, we want to share two important points with the rest of the larger community of Eagle County as we prepare for the upcoming election.

First, we appreciate Commissioners Peter Runyon and Sara Fisher’s collaborative leadership skills and second, we oppose Amendment 52.

We want to thank the Eagle County commissioners for their support of our struggle to replace our dysfunctional wastewater plant. For the past couple of decades, we have been trying to find a solution to this problem. Our current county commissioners have provided collaborative leadership, expertise and funding to help us try and solve this problem. Red Cliff is on the right track at this point and Commissioners Runyon and Fisher have our gratitude for their outreach and persistence to help us meet state water quality standards and protect the Eagle River for our downstream neighbors.

Secondly, Red Cliff is not unique with our water problems. We are one of many tiny communities across Colorado that doesn’t have enough money to replace aging water systems without outside assistance. Amendment 52 would divert future funding for important water projects, like ours, all across the state. This dangerous amendment would create a constitutional diversion of monies from the state loans and grants that help small communities like Red Cliff take on significant water projects.

It also would result in significant reductions in wildlife protection, forest health projects and low income energy assistance ” an especially valuable program in these tough economic times.

Amendment 52 would divert water project funding to unspecified highway transportation projects across the state. It doesn’t guarantee any actual funding for collaborative Interstate 70 solutions ” including transit ” that have been agreed to by the broad based I-70 Coalition, co-chaired by Commissioner Runyon.

Please join us in thanking Eagle County Commissioners for their thoughtful leadership on transportation and local water projects and please VOTE NO on Amendment 52.

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