America’s 10 most endangered rivers |

America’s 10 most endangered rivers

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The environmental group American Rivers announced that the Colorado River was the most endangered river in the country in 2004. The Colorado escaped notice in 2005, but another river in Colorado, the Fraser, moved up to No. 3 on the list.The top 10 rivers listed in the 2005 report are:1. Susquehanna River, N.Y., Penn., Md.2. McCrystal Creek, N.M. Companies are pushing for coalbed methane drilling in the area.3. Fraser River, Colo. The Denver Water Board has been siphoning off large amounts of water to help development on the other side of the mountains.4. Skykomish River, Wash. The crystal clear river is threatened by large scale development.5. Roan Creek, Tenn. A huge dairy farm may send large quantities of manure into the river.6. Santee River, S.C. A hydropower dam has taken much of the river’s water.7. Little Miami River, Ohio. A wastewater plant, new roads and bridges could significantly pollute the river.8. Tuolumne River, Calif. San Francisco wants to take more and more water from the river.9. Price River, Utah. Pressure mounting to build a dam and pipe the water to other communities.10. Santa Clare River, Calif. Developers are considering a massive shopping and condo center near what is called “Southern California’s last significant river.”

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