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‘America’s Tenor’ Steve Amerson to perform at 4 Eagle Ranch July 17

America's Tenor Steve Amerson wil perform at the Freedom & Faith concert, July 17 at 4 Eagle Ranch.
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If You Go

What: Freedom & Faith Concert

Where: 4 Eagle Ranch, Wolcott

When: 6 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. dinner, July 17

Cost: Tickets $50

Information: RSVP by July 7 to http://www.steveamerson.com/colorado and buy tickets on line for $50 each. Steve Amerson, “America’s Tenor,” will perform with Sammy L. Davis, a 1967 Medal of Honor winner, and Gary Sinise, “Lt. Dan Taylor” in the movie “Forrest Gump.”

WOLCOTT — “America’s Tenor” will be on the same stage as a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, and Lt. Dan Taylor — and you can meet them all.

The Freedom & Faith Concert is scheduled for July 17 at 4 Eagle Ranch. Tickets will be available through early next week.

Amerson sings everywhere: churches, corporations, groups of every sort.

“We believe in the power of a song,” he said.

These days, they do a great deal for military organizations.

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Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis will be there. He’s one of 79 living Medal of Honor recipients and is such a patriot that he and his wife live in Freedom, Indiana.

You saw part of him in the movie “Forrest Gump.” When President Johnson presented the Medal of Honor to Gump, that’s Sammy’s torso with Tom Hanks’ head superimposed onto it.

Unlike Tom Hanks, Davis did not moon the president during his Medal of Honor ceremony, but he was shot in the buttocks, a beehive round in the backside. His unit was being overrun by Vietcong when he was hit, but he still saved three other soldiers. He found a partially inflated rubber raft by a river and went back and forth saving three of his buddies, all while under enemy fire.

When Sinise played Lt. Dan Taylor in “Forrest Gump,” it enlightened him to the plight of former soldiers. But Sinise says it was 9/11 that really got his attention. He started visiting soldiers and doing shows with a band he formed for that express purpose.

“In 2003, I could never have predicted that over 10 years later this band would have performed hundreds of shows for thousands of great people all over the world,” Sinise said.

During the reception, Amerson, Sinise and Davis will all be available for photos and to meet people who come.

Chuck Bolte will emcee. He’s a stand-up comic formerly with Jeremiah People. Now he’s with Alliance for Defending Freedom.

It all ties together with 4 Eagle Ranch’s work with Operation Restored Warrior, putting combat veterans back together.

Davis will play the harmonica. There’s a story that goes with it that weaves in his time in Vietnam, his mama, a fallen buddy and playing on his harmonica the only song that helped that buddy sleep while war raged around them.

“It’s going to be one of those events that people well tell their friends, ‘You should’ve been there,’” Amerson said.

About Steve Amerson

In the Hollywood entertainment community, Steve Amerson is a studio singer who has been heard on the soundtracks of more than 160 major motion pictures, television shows and commercials. He was one of three tenors chosen to record demonstration tapes used by Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in preparation for “The 3 Tenors” performances and has performed with orchestras throughout the United States. He has been a featured soloist at the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall. His concert ministry puts him in churches from coast to coast. He has 17 CDs to his credit, including his latest, “Amazed by America.”

Many in Hollywood who hire Amerson for his vocal skills do not realize that he also has a Christian music ministry, so he makes sure to bring to his work a high standard of performance, motivated by his faith.

“I hope people know, when I walk into a studio on time, that I come prepared to do my job well,” Amerson said. “I try to live constantly in God’s grace so I’m not shifting in and out of a Christian witness mode. My prayer is that people see in my professionalism, and also in my attitude and spirit, true peace and a sense of joy. I think that can speak volumes.”

His “Front Row Center” CDs are collections of songs with decidedly spiritual undertones from Broadway productions and films.

“I’ve seen again and again the spiritual impact of these songs from stage and screen,” Amerson said. “Afterwards, the audience leaves having enjoyed the entertainment and many of them are very moved. This is evangelism, and it is a unique way in which to minister.”

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