An adults-only elementary school fundraiser |

An adults-only elementary school fundraiser

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn Pope/Vail Daily Courtney Marsh and Matt Jones.

It’s been a while since you’ve seen my hat. Its owner has been on a sabbatical of sorts, and for those of you who know me, you’re aware I’ve been up to my eyeballs chairing a fundraiser that is now (finally) over. For those of you who haven’t been involved in galas and fundraisers, heading one is a little like giving birth – a whole lot of labor followed by a few hours of pushing. Finally, there it is, and you’re completely in love, except for all of the diaper changing.

Amazingly, the memories of the agony and pain fade, so you do it again. Frightening. Anyway, I apologize for my absence, and here I go playing catch up!Wild West Days is a long-standing tradition in September. Parents load their kids up in their mini-vans and head to 4-Eagle Ranch in Wolcott for a day of fun. The annual event is a fundraiser for many of the Eagle County elementary schools.With the success of the event, a few parents decided that, in conjunction with the family day, a grown-up event could be a good idea, and “Wild Wine Tasting” was launched. This year, Frites hosted the event that also benefits Eagle County Public Elementary Schools.

Beverly DeMoss and Terry Benedickt of Riverwalk Wine and Spirits, John Walsh of Frites and the majority of the wine and liquor distributors in the valley were happy to pitch in for the children.”It’s our third year and we’re really happy to be working with the community on something that gives back to our children,” Benedickt said.Representatives of the wine distributors, including Baroness, Canon de Colorado, Classic Wines, Coors Distributing, Grand Vin, Mountain Wine Distributing, National Distributing, Pinnacle Distributing, Southern Wine and Spirits, Summit Distributing, Synergy Fine Wines and the Wine Source of Colorado had pulled out some fabulous wine for the patrons to sample.

Pat Hamilton donated her time to provide the music.Heard at high altitude

Singletree’s most famous retired French physician (J.M.) was recently mistaken by our local law enforcement as a potential criminal after the robbery at the 1st Bank in Edwards. He was a little insulted by the description of “chubby” (he is quite fit), though “middle-aged” wasn’t too bad for a gentleman of his distinguished years. He did mention to the officers that he wasn’t stupid enough to go to the local post office moments after robbing a bank, however. On the social radar

• The Carnival di Venezia will be held at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek Saturday. The event, presented by the Vilar Center Junior Guild, will have an Italian Street Market with original artwork, Italian food, wine and entertainment. Tickets are $30/pp or $50/couple. Call 845-8497 for tickets.

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