An affordable solution? |

An affordable solution?

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Tenants of the River Run Apartments in Eagle-Vail will starting moving out at the end of next month.

The complex, which long served as affordable rentals in our unaffordable valley, was purchased a while back by a developer who plans to remodel the apartments and sell them as condos. Riverfront condos that would seem poised to join the pool of housing aimed squarely at second-home owners.

Hey, that’s a market-driven economy for ya.

Funny thing, though. In December, developer Steve Milgrom approached the town of Vail with the idea of maybe keeping the complex as affordable housing and annexing it to the town of Vail.

That idea seemed dead in the water. Afterall, the apartments aren’t in Vail.

But they do sit firmly in the Eagle County commissioners’ jurisdiction.

Who knows if it would work, but it does seem like an idea worth trying. The county’s housing department announced last month it was hoping to purchase land in the near future in hopes of helping build another Miller Ranch-style affordable housing neighborhood.

Keeping River Run in the affordable rental pool wouldn’t solve Eagle County’s dearth of affordable homes.

But ensuring those tenants that they will have a place they can afford to live in next month will sure help in preventing the problem from getting worse.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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