An authentic Irish pub, just ’round the corner |

An authentic Irish pub, just ’round the corner

Ted Alvarez

Editor’s note: This is the first of four profiles of Avon-area bars leading up to the inaugural Avon Bar Games, which start Oct. 12 and last a month.I’m by far the biggest bar in Avon, don’t ye know, laddie. I’ve got two floors, and close to 400 people can enjoy a fabled bit of Irish hospitality along with our traditional fayre. Spider (don’t let the name scare ye) has made me his home since the beginning, and he’ll take good care o’ ye.I suppose when sportin’s afoot upstairs, we might raise a ruckus, but I’ve been known to go off on a Monday night – part of me fun-lovin’, unpredictable Irish disposition, I s’pose. Downstairs, you’ll feel right at home, what with the stone fireplace and pitchers hangin’ from the ceiling. Y’see, unlike a lot of pubs out there (I ain’t about to name names) I’ve got authenticity going for me: Me founders Tim and Maggie Parker are actually Irish, so they know how to run a pub proper like. (OK, OK, truth be told they’ve got some English in there, but don’t hold that against them (English pubs are second-best, anyhow).From Guinness to Smithwick’s, I’ve got yer Irish persuasion – just ask any of the fine lads and lasses runnin’ round wit’ green on. We’re a rollickin’ time for families, but we’re always up fer a party as well, if that’s what yer lookin’ fer. Best compliment anyone’s ever given me? “This is a fun place – a bitchin’ place.” Don’t be repeatin’ that to the wee ones, now.So pop in for a pint and try yer hand at a bar game or two. Have a bite downstairs and finish yer night up top. And if ya don’t like me, well you can of course pog mo thoin.Arts & Entertainment writer Ted Alvarez can be reached at 748-2939 Colorado

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