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An unhappy person

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My name is Colleen and I hate your news. Why do you guys always say that Ashley Stamp collided with the snowmobile or that she hit it? That’s not true. The snowmobile also hit her. How come you never say that! And I know that this all was a terrible accident but how could you drive so irresponsibly? And how come never once in this whole time you’ve never apologized? You have no idea how much that would help us all! Even the smallest things like that can help. Also please don’t make up anymore stuff like she was wearing headphones and the snowmobile was going 10 miles an hour and crap like that cuz our town has already been through enough and doesn’t need to hear bull crap like that!An unhappy personcollking22@msn.comA ‘wonderful’ storyThanks for the wonderful story about Jordyn (see High Country Character at, Feb. 17 edition). I believe you told it “like it is” from what I personally know about Jordyn. I have known her since she moved to the area and admire her and her family more than I can say. Good for you and good for them to let the valley know more about this terrible disease and about the courage of one child and her father and grandmother.Barbara

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