Ana Karen Rosales, New America School |

Ana Karen Rosales, New America School

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Ana Karen RosalesNew America SchoolHow long in the valley? 5 yearsHave you been affected at all by “senioritis” and if so, how are you dealing with it? No, never.What are you future plans? Go to a beauty school and get a career.Fondest high school memory: La raza but everything in this school is very fun.How has your high school prepared you for your future? The teachers helped me a lot and they give me good advice for me to keep going well.Tell us something that few people know about you? I’m friendly, I respect and help others and I love to have fun.What makes you smile? Knowing that if I really want to do something and I try very hard I can do it. And also coming to school with all my friends and all the beautiful teachers.

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