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Ana Lilia de la Rosa, New America School

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Ana Lilia de la RosaTabasco, Zacatecas, MexicoNew America SchoolTown you live in: GypsumHow long in the valley: Three and a half years Have you been affected at all by “senioritis” and if so, how are you dealing with it? I am the oldest girl in school (age 21). I do not feel that my attitude towards school has decreased as I have gotten older. I must say, I am happy with my life every day.What are your future plans? Next year, I will study at CMC in Edwards. The following year I will go to Boulder and study massage.Fondest high school memory: January will be my favorite month because in this month my friends and I learned how to snowboard in Beaver Creek- thanks S.O.S and to my teachers for everything!How has your high school prepared you for your future? I returned to school, after taking some time off for personal reasons, to improve myself, my life, and my future. For example, I have improved my English and attained clarity for what I want in the future.Tell us something that few people know about you: I used to help my mom with her business in Mexico. She runs a funeral home; if I have money and time in the future, I will study to be mortician so that I can help her.What makes you smile? Memories of my home town in Mexico, my family, and spending time with my friends (Lizz, Ady, Mario because they made me laugh)

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