Anchovies and athlete tidbits |

Anchovies and athlete tidbits

I was so excited to find something substantial for lunch today in the form of a focaccia sandwich. A nice gentleman who told me in Italian that I speak Italian well (since I’m up to about 15 words now), heated it up for me to carry out in a little restaurant here in San Sicario.

It was mozzarella and acciughe. I assumed acciughe was some sort of vegetable. As I waited for my heated sandwich, I pulled out my pocket dictionary to discover that acciughe is actually anchovies. Bleh. With hot mayonnaise.

Now I know. Acciughe = Word No. 16.

Lindsey Kildow is really a tank to crash the way she did Monday and even consider racing in the downhill. Maybe she’ll find some pain killers that work serious magic overnight.

Bode, as is his long-time custom, went just a little too far after winning the downhill portion of Tuesday’s Olympic combined event, straddling a gate and disqualifying himself at the end of the first of his two slalom runs.


Hurray, Ted Ligety! How stupid of all of us to think that Bode was our only hope. Ligety is a skinny kid capable of great things. It’s all in his pink goggles.

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