And freedom for all … |

And freedom for all …

Don Rogers

Election day for Iraq is Sunday, which is remarkable for the mere fact of it.Geographically speaking at least, the vast majority of the country will participate – like Afghanistan, where turnout last spring was as good or better than too many than our own elections despite real fear of death.This in a region deemed somehow unfit for democracy by some “scholars” who apparently can’t hear their own rather ghastly prejudices that once not so long ago were applied to other “unworthies” such as the Japanese, Koreans, Hispanic countries, Africans and so on. Apparently, democracy is such an arcane concept that even the good ol’ European cultures can hardly grasp it. Uh, huh.Iraq’s infamous Sunni triangle, which includes much of the capital Baghdad, is more than a little problematic, of course. This is where the insurgents are active, and where the Sunni minority that enjoyed all their power sees a duly elected government eroding all that power they once enjoyed. Here is where the critics see the shoals confronting America’s Good Ship Freedom.The hand-wringing might be overdone, though, as it was before 10 million Afghanis went to the polls. Freedom, after all, includes the inalienable right not to participate. There’s a consequence, though, as America’s youngest voters should understand very well. We’d have President Kerry today if the kids had turned out in real numbers.More important than whether the Sunnis choose to be stupid this Sunday is that Iraq is in fact making its first halting and hopeful steps from long, brutal tyranny to imperfect democracy.The historic story of the past century indeed is the tide of democracy sweeping the world. Now, even Iraq. Vail, Colorado

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