And it was good |

And it was good

Like the last days of disco, how were we to know we were experiencing the last days of Cranberry Isles Seafood in Edwards when we meandered in for dinner last Friday night.

My roommate Kim’s mother was in town for a birthday weekend, so dinner had to be sumptuous.

Sushi at Sato first piqued our interest, but in the end, cooked fish and white wine won out over raw sashimi and sake bombs. Kim, her mother, Colleen, her boyfriend, Collin, and I were seated at a table near the west-facing windows in the brimming dining room and relaxed with our drinks and our stories as dusk melted away into night.

All the dinner entrees were half-price for the off-season crowd, making a tough ordering decision even tougher. But with a $20 lobster special served with a side of garlic-spinach and potato crisps, capped off with warm blueberry crisp, that decision was quickly made for three of us.

Collin passed on the lobster crackers and lemon-butter dip for a fresh piece of halibut and some greens.

When the flush-red lobsters arrived, Kim remarked to her mom that she saw hers move, which prompted a surprised look followed by a string of laughs.

If anything was still alive, we made sure that it was dead soon enough as we cracked and picked and dipped and sucked our way through every piece of meat on the plate, in between spoonfuls of spinach and handfuls of chips.

We were already full by the time dessert came, but we gorged anyway. When warm blueberry crisp is put in front you, there isn’t any room for hesitation.

Sadly enough, mere days after our heavenly dining experience, we found Cranberry Isles closed its doors forever, not just for the off-season.

The memory of a good lobster binge in our local seafood joint will just have to remain a memory I guess, but then again, some dinners are just too good to try and recreate.

And it was good.

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