And the count goes on … |

And the count goes on …

Don Rogers

The proposals for a Vail conference center, Vail property tax hike, open space tax, Avon Town Council members and Eagle County’s state House representative remain up in the air as a result. The vote totals in each race so far can still swing the other way before this is over.

So the election season drags on longer, as we wait for the verdict on those provisional ballots. There may be a recount or two on the horizon, as well.

We’re pretty sure this wait won’t go quite as long as the presidential recounts and tennis matches between Democratic- and Republican-majority high courts before the U.S. Supreme Court anointed George II to the presidency.

Sure looks like W. finally got his mandate Tuesday, with the GOP getting the U.S. Senate back in control and holding on to the House. No lingering mystery there. The Republicans at the national level can now succeed or hang on their actions two years from now, when next we pick a president.

And the Democrats have a chance to regroup, figure out whether to turn more liberal or aim to be New New Democrats, which would seem to be a little more conservative than a Boulder Republican.

Each vote …

The closest election in Eagle County is the open space tax question. Isn’t it astounding when 11,000 people cast ballots and the results show a difference of two votes?

Absent those provisional ballots and the certain recount, the tax fell three votes short of passage.

A shout-out to those 44 percent of Eagle County’s eligible voters who couldn’t get of their duffs – individual votes do count, sometimes dramatically.

Brain dead …

The hands-down winner for dumbest decision in the election was the Western Slope’s voters turning down a tiny property tax increase to address water improvements on the heels of a record spring and summer for drought.

Eagle County voters didn’t contribute to this absolute absence of sense. The vote ran 55 percent for the tax here. But our neighbors certainly went brain dead at an inconvenient time.

More important …

Of course, we understand that the mysteries of election time, and all those multi-million dollar decisions will surely escape our memories about as soon as the local ski hills open.


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