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"And … they’re off!"

We might typically hear that statement – “And … they’re off! – from a broadcaster announcing a race, or some of us may have heard it or even used it ourselves as we began a road trip, vacation or just a busy day. But instead of using the broadcaster’s version, it may sound like this, “And … we’re off.”

Here we are in week one of 2012, “And … we’re off!”

No more excuses for delaying our plans and getting after the life we desire. The time is here, the time is now for us to stop making useless excuses by recognizing that excuses are useless. Excuses are the fuel that procrastination runs on. This is not a gray area; there is no wiggle room. It is black and white, yes or no, and we can leave the “maybes'”to the people who believe that 2013 will be their year instead of 2012.

Some of us have committed ourselves to goals and plans before New Year’s Eve, while many opted for the traditional declaration of resolutions on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1. I know this because so many of you sent in your goals and plans for the new year, and I loved reading each and every goal, dream and resolution.

William is finally committed to writing his book. He has outlined it, dreamed about it, changed the story hundreds of times, and in his own words “has put it off long enough.”

We discussed it, and since time was his biggest challenge, I shared advice I received from my mentor – write a page a day. William is committed to writing a page a day and I can’t wait to read the first pass of the manuscript.

Kathy has been in the same job for the past seven years. She is more than capable of doing more and earning more. Kathy wants to stay with her employer and she is going to write a new resume for internal use only. There is an opening she wants to pursue and she will focus on her skills, experience, attitude, prior results, awareness, and positive habits in her personal and professional life. This is the year that Kathy pursues the position she is best suited for and will enjoy the benefits of the increase in income.

Glenn took a few of my former columns personally, in a good way. He shared that he reads the column often and that each time I made a reference to losing weight or getting in shape, he felt like I was speaking directly to him. But he never actually did anything about it, until last week. Glenn used the week before New Year’s Eve to start eating properly and going to the gym, and is committed to keeping a journal of his activities, his diet and his workout routine.

There are many more stories of people claiming their success for 2012 by committing to their plans and goals now. “And … we’re off!” The year has started, an incredible year full of promise and hope, a year where the outcome lays squarely on our shoulders. When we avoid procrastination and useless excuses, and jump into the starting blocks of 2012 ready to hit the ground running, we will become the difference maker in our own journey.

If you haven’t put your stake in the ground yet, made plans for 2012, or established your New Year’s resolutions, the good news is that is never too late. You can email me at gotonorton@gmail.com and together we can work out a plan to make it a better-than-good year.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of http://www.candogo.com. He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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