Angela Phillips EVHS |

Angela Phillips EVHS

Angela Phillips EVHS

Sport(s), club(s): Volleyball, STUCO

Nickname: Taz

Age: 14

Class of: 2009

Coach(es), leader(s): Rob Crawford, Sean, Ms. Main, Ms. Boosh

Favorite summer memory: Going to an ostrich farm

What’s your academic goal for this year: To get a letter and straight A’s

What’s the best thing about your sport(s): When you get to see

everyone and just have a good time

What have you done to prepare for the season: Went to volleyball camps

What’s your perfect pre-game meal: Spaghetti, ice cream and chocolate milk

Who are your rival teams: BMHS and anyone that wants to take us on

Who is your role model and why: Shelby Plath, my mom, and Marline Lezcow

Vail Colorado

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