Angry that Vail photog’s in trouble |

Angry that Vail photog’s in trouble

Patrick Tvarkunas
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have lived in the valley for nine years, own a small business here and work at the local high school. I have never been as upset about something that happened in the valley as I am now.

It is an absolute outrage that this man Marty Odom likely being fired.

I do not know him, but everyone in the valley should be livid as this marks a new low for VA against its workers — press censorship.

Don Rogers’ column about the Daily making the wrong call focuses on the person’s rights and if showing it was newsworthy.

It is a shame that Chris Jarnot pretends to care about the skier’s embarrassment, when now we can clearly see it was only interested in the negative press on the corporation.

I was a liftie eight years ago when when the wind would blow hard, the seat would flip up — the danger always being that you would “toilet bow” an unsuspecting rider, the technical term. VA has known about this for years and could have solved the problem easily enough with clips to keep the seats down.

Don’t blame the lifties or this skier. Blame VA!

We in the valley should all stand behind Mr. Odom for whipping up enough press to put pressure on VA to correct this dangerous issue before someone gets hurt or killed. VA should be thanking him, not threatening to take away his livelihood.

He shot this photo in his own time with his own camera! VA got caught with their pants down and lashed out at Mr. Odom for exposing them.

Please e-mail me at or call 970-471-6144 to organize support for Mr. Odom and demand that VA take action to prevent injuries.

Patrick Tvarkunas


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