Animal feces smeared on car at high school |

Animal feces smeared on car at high school

Christine Ina Casillas

A car heavily vandalized at Battle Mountain High School got personal crime because of the extent of the damages, said deputy Mark Linn with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office is seeking information about the vandalism, which occurred between 1:30 p.m. and 10:47 p.m., Sept. 26.

The crime wasn’t unusual, though, Linn said, but it was personal. But whoever committed the crime knew the driver of the car.

“If someone wanted to cause criminal mischief, they would have broken out the lights,” Linn said. “This crime said, “I really don’t like you’ or “You’ve done something to me in the past, and I’m getting back at you for it.'”

A student at the high school parked her parents’ maroon 1994 Audi in the center of the parking lot, Linn said. When she returned from a volleyball game, she noticed all four of the rear taillight lenses had been broken; there was a scratch in the paint beside the mirror; air had been let out of the tires on the passenger side; and the electric mirrors on the passenger side also were broken off.

The car was covered with mud and dirt, and animal feces was smeared on the driver’s door handle and windshield.

“It was a personal type of crime the way they smeared feces on the car,” Linn said. “The suspect left a plastic bag to haul the feces in at the scene. But there was so much mud and dirt on the outside of the car it was almost impossible to get a print.”

The suspect apparently used sandbags to bust the rear windows off, Linn said. The suspect could have gotten the sandbags from anywhere.

The suspect didn’t get into to the car, but could have done because of the extent of the damages, which have been estimated at more than $5,200, Linn said.

None of the other cars in the parking lot were damaged, Linn said.

The car was parked in full view of the school’s video camera, he said. It was in the middle of the parking lot under the lights.

“With the location, it was definitely in line with the video cameras at school,” he said. “But the video camera doesn’t record 24 hours per day. Whoever did this took a good chance. And with the video cameras not working, it made it bad for us.”


Eagle County Crime Stoppers considers this vandalism the “Crime of the Month” and is searching for information that will lead to the arrest and indictment of a suspect or suspects involved in this case. For information, call 328-7007 or (800) 972-TIPS.

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