Animal services committee created |

Animal services committee created

Daily staff report

EAGLE COUNTY — A resolution by the Eagle County Commissioners last fall has led to the formation of the Eagle County Animal Services Advisory Committee.

The committee was established to make recommendations to the commissioners regarding policies, practices, programs and priorities in animal control and other services. Areas of consideration include sanitation, medical care, behavioral issues, animal handling and housing, spay/neuter, trap and release, euthanasia, facility improvements and public health.

Meet the members

The board consists of nine full-time Eagle County residents appointed by the commissioners. Members represent a range of community members with professional or personal interests in animal welfare and care.

Board consists of 9 members

Members include: Stephen Sheldon, DVM (chair); Alisa Santiesteban (vice chair); Julie Alt, DVM; Sarah Ashworth; Christine Labadie, DC; Tracey LeClair; Evelyn Pinney; Gabe Shalley; and Cathy Vito.

The committee will serve in an advisory capacity and will not have any management responsibilities, nor will it direct staff. The committee welcomes public input and was established, in part, to act as a community liaison for animal service issues.

Join the meetings

Meetings are open to the public and will be held bi-monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at the Eagle County Animal Shelter. The next meeting will take place Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.