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Avalanche on Minturn Mile outside of Vail; no victims reported

Crews say no victims on the popular backcountry run

Staff Report

An avalanche was triggered on the Minturn Mile outside of Vail early Thursday afternoon, according to Eagle River Fire Protection District and Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The Minturn Mile is a popular backcountry route where skiers begin by exiting a gate out of Vail Mountain into out-of-bounds territory that ends in the town of Minturn. The entrance is well-marked with warnings about the dangers of backcountry skiing.

“We just had an avalanche there on the Minturn Mile. There were no injuries, there’s no threat to the public and the trail has been closed per the U.S. Forest Service,” said deputy Scott Peterson, of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, at 2:30 p.m. “We believe it was naturally caused and there’s no danger to the public.”

Peterson said Eagle County Sheriff’s Office responded to the bottom of the trail in Minturn, saying he saw the avalanche came down “toward the bottom of the trail.”

Video taken by Katie Tucholke & Sidney Harrington showing the aftermath of the slide was posted to the Minturn Saloon’s Facebook page around 3:00 p.m.

“I heard the noises, but I just thought it was somebody making noise, or thunder,” said the narrator.


Engagement editor Sean Naylor and assistant editor Ross Leonhart contributed to this report.

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