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Avon lake levels to be lowered for construction

AVON —Preparations for the construction of the Nottingham Park Pavilion commenced this week with releasing water from Nottingham Lake. The water level is being lowered in order to allow for the pouring of the pavilion’s foundation and the settings of structural piers for a large event terrace that overhangs the lake’s eastern edge.

Lake levels will be lowered approximately 3 feet by Friday, when the Flavors of Colorado will be hosted in Harry A. Nottingham Park, leaving enough water in the lake to be visually appealing for the event. The water levels will continue to be lowered after the event to expose the ground where the foundation and piers will be installed. Construction will take approximately one month to complete. During construction, water will continue to flow into and out of the lake in order to sustain the health of the fish population. The lake will be returned to full capacity by early winter with water from Buck Creek.

For more information on the water levels or on the pavilion, contact town engineer Justin Hildreth at 970-748-4045 or jhildreth@avon.org.

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