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Avon Road improvements complete

AVON— Timed with the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships, the town of Avon has invested in improvements to enhance safety, energy efficiency and streetscape elements on Avon Road, its main roadway and thoroughfare to Beaver Creek Resort.

Signalized pedestrian crossings were installed at three major crosswalks and all roadway streetlights were upgraded to LED-lighting, which consumes less electrical energy and is more cost efficient to maintain. The project included replacement of 32 150-watt induction streetlights light poles and the permanent removal of an additional 14 poles with 75-watt LED lights. The result is an energy savings of 15,111 kilowatt hours per year.


The most pronounced improvements to Avon Road, in addition to new holiday tree lighting, are the two most central roundabouts. At the intersection with East and West Beaver Creek Boulevard, the large oval roundabout’s central welcome sign has been renewed to integrate Avon’s new logo, and to more prominently recognize the Alpine World Ski Championship events held at Beaver Creek Resort.

In Avon’s most central roundabout, at the Benchmark Road intersection, a contemporary installation has been erected to celebrate the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships and to announce Avon’s Town Center. The composition parallels the same design themes for installations being used at Beaver Creek and Solaris Square venues for the races and awards, respectively. In the center of the roundabout is a contemporary aluminum spire, “Lasso,” which is on loan from Knox Gallery.


“With Apres Avon, being hosted throughout the Championships at the Main Street Mall, the Avon Town Council wanted to participate in the continuation of a recognizable monument which would tie into the other venues’ main features,” said Mayor Jennie Fancher. “Now installed, I have heard from those who like the work and those who do not. I feel understanding the relationship to the Beaver Creek and Vail venues as well as the use of materials having a basis in the design, can help in understanding the genesis of the roundabout feature. With that said, we are reviewing each of the elements to ensure that proportionality and finish work is the best possible for such an important location.”

The installation is temporary. Avon will conduct an extensive search for an artist to create a landmark element for the roundabout that will establish Avon’s Town Center.

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