Boone’s celebrates 1st year in big way |

Boone’s celebrates 1st year in big way

Beverly Barns stocks one of the new coolers at the Boone's Wine and Spirits store in Eagle. The liquor store recently expanded by 1,400 square feet and now has 43 cooler doors. With the additionl floor space, Boone's plans to bring on more gift items and food products, along with a new clothing area. Boone's will celebrate its first anniversary with an all-day party Wednesday, Dec. 14.
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EAGLE — A year ago, Boone’s Wine and Spirits opened in Eagle with a pledge to “buy big, sell low and have fun.”

The nearly 8,000 square foot store is now set to fulfill that promise in an even bigger way.

The Boone’s location at 65 Market Street in Eagle has grown by 1,400 square feet. That means the store now has eight new cooler doors, bringing its grand total to 43. Additionally, the store will soon offer a new Colorado and Boone’s theme clothing department.

Earlier this year, Colorado law changed and now liquor stores are allowed to sell additional merchandise including food items. According to Beverly Barnes, one of the Boone’s owners, that change happened at a opportune moment.

Barnes noted that there were two open spaces in the retail area where the shop is open. “If we didn’t take space now we might not have the option later,” she explained.

Along with clothing, Barnes said the store expansion will include gift items and a food section.

“We want to be a handy stop if people want to grab a snack,” said Barnes.

Time to Celebrate

Boone’s customers are invited to check out the store expansion during an anniversary celebration Wednesday. The store’s operating hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Barnes plans to feed her shoppers throughout the day, starting with breakfast pastries in the morning and switching over to hot dogs and homemade chili at lunchtime. During the evening hours, a food truck will be parked outside to serve customers.

Barnes noted there will be sales and tastings throughout the day and plenty of prizes will be headed out the door.

“We will be giving away bikes, snowboards, skis, golf bags, coolers and more,” she said.

The anniversary event is the store’s chance to thank all of Boone’s great customers, said Barnes.

“The people in Eagle are amazing and we see people who drive here from all over the valley,” said Barnes. “We are so pleased and thankful for their support every day.”

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