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Eagle County debates to be held this week, next week

EAGLE — Candidates on this year’s ballot will gather Thursday and next Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Eagle County Building.

Thursday, the events will kick off with debates for Senate District 5 between Don Suppes (R) and Kerry Donovan (D) and will be followed by House District 26 with Diane Mitsch Bush (D) and Chuck McConnell (R).

Tuesday will see county commissioner candidates Kathy Chandler-Henry (D), Courtney Holm (R), Dick Mayne (R) and Jeanne McQueeney (D) face off for seats from the 2nd and 3rd commissioner districts.

Following that, the candidates for sheriff, James Van Beek (R) and Daric Harvey (D), will meet as will candidates for coroner Kara Bettis (D) and Sue Franciose (R).

In the uncontested races Karen Sheaffer (R, treasurer), Teak Simonton (D, county clerk), Mark Chapin (D, assessor), and Ted Archibeque (R, surveyor) will be allotted time for remarks.

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Greg Johnson and Rohn Robbins will serve as moderators for the events, which are sponsored jointly by Eagle County Republican and Democrat Central Committees.

“The debates will pretty much follow the same format as we used two years ago with some tweaks due to the large number of races this year,” said Johnson, who also served as last year’s moderator.

In addition to questions prepared by the moderators, there will be time set aside for participation from the audience.

“There are 18 races appearing on the Eagle County ballot starting with the U.S. Senate all the way down to Eagle County races. This is your only chance to hear firsthand the candidates’ positions on the very serious issues facing us at both the national and local levels” said Kaye Ferry, chair of Eagle County Republicans. “I know Jane Lowery (chair of Eagle County Democrats) and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to present the candidates and their views to the community.”

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