Eagle County nonprofits are participating in statewide philanthropic event

Public Access TV 5 provides video training, equipment, channel time and Web distribution to the community.
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Editor’s note: The Vail Daily is running profiles of local nonprofits that are participating in Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 9. Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. And for the first time ever, it features a $1 million incentive fund created by the partners. Donate online at http://www.Colorado or schedule your donation in advance.

Literacy Project

Why literacy? To solve economic problems, we must start by building a more literate adult population in which individuals learn to read, write, do basic math and use computers. With literacy education, individuals are more likely to lift themselves out of poverty, to contribute to improved health care costs and find and keep sustainable employment.

The Literacy Project is deeply committed to transforming lives through the power of literacy. We believe literacy skills are the foundation for all future learning, and education is the most powerful and effective way to transform communities and end the cycle of illiteracy in just one generation.

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We help adults learn to read so they can navigate grocery stores, understand prescription labels, help their children with homework, find decent jobs and radically change the course of their lives.

Our organization also addresses the academic needs of at-risk students in middle and high schools. Working in local schools or libraries, students bring school assignments to their one-on-one sessions with an adult volunteer so they learn strategies to be more successful in the classroom. Our Reading Buddies program is a partnership with the Eagle Valley Library District. Buddy pairs read together, play reading based games and participate in group activities to foster a love of reading. The Reading Buddies program is designed to give extra practice with a caring, creative teen mentor and to make the reading experience fun.

Not only do we address the needs of adults and youth but The Literacy Project supports early literacy and language development for children 5 and younger through Raising A Reader. RAR rotates bright red bags filled with award-winning books into 500 children’s homes each week. The Literacy Project can be reached at 970-949-5026 or http://www.literacy

Public Access TV 5

Public Access TV 5’s mission is to break down technical, physical and psychological barriers so Vail Valley residents, nonprofits, schools and governments may express their ideas to the community via television and the Internet. Our goal is to accurately reflect, promote and strengthen the values of the community we serve. Public Access TV 5 does this by providing video training, equipment, channel time and online distribution.

Public Access TV5 has created a new, monthly television program called The Community Project that is hip, fun and informative. The show focuses on cultural education and entertainment and features local musicians, art, movie reviews, recreation and much more. We are currently seeking underwriters for this program. If you or your business is interested in helping us bring this program to viewers, contact us and we can provide more details.

We are also in the process of developing a low-cost, effective marketing plan to expand our outreach and evoke a positive emotional response to our mission. We have many goals with this plan, including growing Channel 5 and online viewership, increasing participation in free video production workshops, getting local schools involved and increasing video production service.

In 2014, we completed an overhaul of our Master Control Room equipment to a digital, file-based, HD-capable system to provide programming to the community via cable television and the Internet. This equipment has improved productivity, interactivity with the community, increased local content and community participation and will save money in the long term. The equipment was purchased using funds we developed through our Community Technology Fund, which is slated for large capital expenditures.

Roundup River Ranch

Roundup River Ranch provides children with serious illnesses a fun old-fashioned camp experience in which they are not defined by their illness or by things they haven’t tried. Here, campers and their families discover the healing power of love, laughter, friendship and shared experiences. Campers realize they are not alone, find the courage to try new activities and build confidence. With full medical, physical and emotional support from healthcare professionals, staff and volunteers, campers and their families have the peace of mind to relax and experience the joys of childhood. And best of all, no camper or their family ever pays a penny.

At Roundup River Ranch, campers get to enjoy the rugged, wholesome beauty of the outdoors and the crisp mountain air and blue skies of Colorado. Campers of all ages and abilities can discover new talents and the awesome feeling of gained confidence as they take on our challenge course and zipline, try horseback riding, archery and boating, express themselves in art or drama, and laugh, dance and share stories with fellow campers. There is no “can’t” here, as every activity is made accessible for campers regardless of their condition and is inclusive of each participant’s individual needs. The activities and shared experiences create a sense of community for campers, connecting with others who understand their personal journey. Stories and even scars are equally shared with people who have had similar experiences, creating an opportunity for campers to feel at home and at ease with themselves like nowhere else. The friendships formed here are unique and strong, and the support and confidence gained through camp experiences last far beyond a camper’s moments at Roundup River Ranch.

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