Family Learning Center receives funds for new Parent Empowerment Program |

Family Learning Center receives funds for new Parent Empowerment Program

EAGLE COUNTY — The Family Learning Center has announced that it has received $18,000 from the Caring for Colorado Foundation to support their new Parent Empowerment Program.

The Parent Empowerment Program will enhance the home and school connection by providing home visits for all families. The program will also include monthly parenting workshops led by consultants from Early Childhood Partners. These early childhood experts will engage parents in their child’s education and development while providing positive parenting strategies, parental support and a connection to additional resources.

Engaging Parents

Carrie Benway, the program development specialist at the Family Learning Center, sees this program as an opportunity to engage parents in their child’s education during their formative years.

“As the current president of Eagle County’s Board of Education and a member of the board of education since 2007, I especially value a family’s involvement with their child’s school,” she said.

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Research backs up Benway’s philosophy by showing that “family participation in education is twice as predictive of a student’s academic success as a family’s socioeconomic status.” (Michigan’s Department of Education)

The Family learning Center provides early childhood programs to children from the ages of 8 weeks to 6 years old. To learn more about the Family Learning Center’s early childhood programs, call 970-926-7070 or visit For more information on the Caring for Colorado Foundation, visit:

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