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On-street parking in Vail done for winter

Daily staff report

VAIL — The Town of Vail is transitioning to its winter snow removal operations this week. As such, no on-street parking will be available within the town through April 12, 2016.

Throughout the winter season, the Vail Public Works Department is prepared to maintain Vail’s frontage roads and residential streets in a timely manner during and following each snowstorm. However, for efficient snow removal operations on Vail’s streets, residents and homeowners are asked to follow the town’s snow removal policies, listed below. For more information, contact Charlie Turnbull at 970-477-3425.

• Homeowners and residents are responsible for maintaining their own driveways, parking areas and sidewalks following a snowstorm.

• Hired snowplow drivers are required to obtain a town of Vail snowplow license. Plow contractors also are required to display their name on the side of their vehicles.

• Snowplows and snow shovelers are not allowed to push or plow snow into public roadways, including snow-melted surfaces in Vail Village or Lionshead. Also, snow removal activities must not obstruct access to fire hydrants and cleared spaces around hydrants must be maintained.

• For pedestrian safety, the town does not allow any on-street or shoulder parking. This includes construction vehicles. Automobiles can be ticketed and/or towed if left on town streets or shoulders during snow removal operations.

• Following a snowstorm, roads that serve the hospital, schools, commercial areas and the ski area are plowed by 8 a.m. with other residential streets plowed by 9:30 a.m.

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