SteamMaster wins national business ethics recognition |

SteamMaster wins national business ethics recognition

The SteamMaster crew's photo lit up Times Square in New York City after winning a Torch Award for business ethics from the Better Business Bureau.
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MINTURN — Win a national business ethics award and your photo lights up Times Square, which is good.

That means you’ve been recognized for business excellence by the national Better Business Bureau, which is better.

SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning earned the Torch Award for Ethics, a nationwide award presented by the Better Business Bureau’s Center for Character Ethics. The Torch Awards for Ethics is awarded by the Better Business Bureau serving northern Colorado and Wyoming.

To win, businesses have to meet six lofty criteria that outline how they deal with employees and customers.

SteamMaster was founded in 1978 by owners Julie Stoxen and Gary Gilman. Rajkumar Manickam is the CEO.

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The company was founded on BRIER (Balance, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence and Results).

“BRIER is something that embodies the big picture of what we do and who we are,” Manickam said. “It’s a continuing journey (with BRIER), one that is never done.”

SteamMaster specializes in cleaning services ranging from in-home carpeting, restoration, 24-hour emergency services, Oriental rug cleaning and almost anything else that needs some attention and TLC.

One example of ethical challenges that Manickam detailed was “how on a daily basis employees representing SteamMaster are entering million dollar homes and are being trusted with handling and caring for extremely valuable merchandise, many times when the homeowners are not there.”

Then there’s the employee side. SteamMaster tries to make sure their employees can incorporate their jobs into the mountain lifestyle, the Torch Awards selection committee said.


“The idea of the typical 9-to-5 job is not so typical here, but they make the lifestyle of the job work for each and every employee,” the selection committee said in its announcement. “If there is a great powder day in the mountains, team members are welcome to, and do take advantage of, the great location and opportunity to ski, snowboard or anything else. It is evident that the CEO and owners make certain that they have happy employees.”

Part of that selection group is university business students.

“Our team cannot express the gratitude we feel for this wonderful opportunity to get to know a truly amazing company, made up of some truly incredible people,” the students said in their report. “Throughout the process, SteamMaster has been friendly, helpful, thoughtful and inspirational. The SteamMaster team has taught us as students what business ethics really means, and that working for a company like SteamMaster means the real life implementation of ethical values and ideals held consistent with one’s own. The entire experience has been truly invaluable.”

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