Surefoot launches recycling program |

Surefoot launches recycling program

PARK CITY — It may be the world’s biggest supplier of custom ski boots, but Surefoot also wants to make sure that its operations have the smallest impact on the earth–and do some good at the same time.

With 24 custom ski boot retail stores world-wide, including a location in Vail, Surefoot manufactures tens of thousands of custom liners for their full line of ski boots. Additionally, Surefoot processes thousands more liners from customers wanting to upgrade their old liners. Disposing of all these new and used liners is problematic, since the ski boot liners are comprised of plastic and foam materials and take up to 2,000 years for the liners to biodegrade in a landfill. Disposing of the liners in landfills is not an acceptable solution.

“We live, work and play in the mountains,” said Surefoot Founder Bob Shay. “We have always been focused on keeping things clean not only for us, but for our children and their children. That’s why we have recycling commitments such as re-using ski boot boxes for shipping.”

Rather than just trying to find a recycling solution, Surefoot also wanted to see if there was a way to give back and help those who are unable to help themselves. So beginning this season, Surefoot has teamed up with SAVEarth — an organization dedicated to repurposing salvageable waste to good causes — to ship its used liners to countries with cold climates such as Nepal and Mongolia where there is great need for warm, durable footwear.

“We simply paired our liners with an inexpensive, water-resistant rubber over boot,” said Barry Woods, Surefoot’s vice president of product development. “And the result was a really durable insulated boot that will keep these people warm and dry in the severe winter conditions they face every year.”

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