Vail Daily column: What is your passion? |

Vail Daily column: What is your passion?

Cabal Yarne
Vail Chamber

There are many things we think are important in life. I believe the most important, is to find our God-given passion. It is our center and the core of what drives us. We need to make sure that passion is an integral part of our life. I see so many people missing the boat. Why? Don’t miss out; stand strong in who you are! Discover and do what you love. Your life will be more successful, enriched and fulfilled if you do!


So how do you know what your passion is? For some of us, the first time we delve into self examination, or ask ourselves this question, it can be puzzling, confusing, even a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry if you fall into these categories — you’re not alone.

If you are not yet one of the “blessed people” who clearly knows their passion, it’s alright. It is never too late to find your calling.

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To begin, keep in mind that passion is an inner force. It grabs your emotions. It inspires you. Start noticing when you’re energized. What is it about that particular situation that makes you perk up? Is it when you’re researching, organizing, starting a new endeavor, creating, leading, being part of a group, helping others, improving things around you or finishing a project? The list can go on and on. Take notes and keep a journal if it helps. Look for scenarios that repeatedly show up.

Your passion is within you, waiting for you to bring it to the surface. Don’t try to copy what makes other people happy. If you do, you’ll more than likely fail. You are unique, and your passion is unique too! The key is paying attention to feelings of accomplishment and joy, those are your passions! Your challenge might be both mentally and/or physically exhausting, but your adrenalin is up every time you succeed!


The tricky part is, passions grow and change. There can be a long process of reason and deduction before you identify your talents. Don’t be confused by a particular project you’re working on, projects vary. Rather pinpoint how you feel, when you’re doing something.

Start being aware of what makes you tick. Include more of that zeal in your life every day. Seems simple, but it’s amazing how many people aren’t aware of what builds their enthusiasm. They go through life never knowing the joys of their passion. Living becomes a mundane grind. God gave you gifts. You have a responsibility to use them! Your family, friends and everyone around you will benefit from your passion filled life.


So what do you do once you define your passion? How can you start living it? Will it mean minor or major changes? Different avenues for moving forward will emerge. For some, it is not a good idea to drop everything and immediately go down a different path, especially if it adversely affects others. Instead, start making small changes. Set aside approximately 20 percent of your day to do things you enjoy. This should not feel like an obligation. Your goal is to express yourself. People will take notice, as they see a difference in you.

By the natural process of being involved in what you love, opportunities will come your way. The greatest thing about living a life directed toward passion is that you are the momentum! If you are a daring person, you might decide to just “jump”! If a sudden 180 in a new direction is for you, go for it! Sometimes taking that kind of plunge is the stimulation our soul needs. The important thing to remember is, you are in control! Choose a course suited to your personality. Then just do it!

Many people make the statement, “I work to live, not live to work”. Work for them is a necessary but not gratifying means to an end. They work to get money to go do things that are fun. There is a better way. Incorporate your passion in your career and you will have greater satisfaction in your work and in your play. I like to say, “Since I found my passion, I have not worked another day in my life. I make my living doing what I love.” One day when you look back, I hope you fulfilled your life with passion. What are you waiting for? Start living it! It is a life changing journey worth taking!

Cabal Yarne is the owner of Arriesgado Clothing Co. in Lionshead and a Vail Chamber & Business Association board member. To learn more about the VCBA and how it can help your local business call 970-477-0075 or email

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