Vail offers reminders on snow clearing

VAIL — The town of Vail is reminding residents that clearing snow from driveways, parking areas and sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner. Private snowplow operators are prohibited from pushing or plowing snow into Vail’s streets and roads and from impeding access to fire hydrants. To operate a hydrant, fire crews need 7 feet to each side and a minimum of 4 feet to the back and 10 feet to the front of all fire hydrants. It is the responsibility of the contractor to store snow on private property or haul snow away. Private operators found pushing snow onto the public right of way will be subject to fines and other sanctions. Snow removed from the roofs of buildings in Vail Village and Lionshead also must be hauled away and not left on snow melted surfaces.

Also, extra care should be taken when driving through Vail’s neighborhoods, watching for hidden driveway entrances. In addition, the town’s snowplow drivers have already encountered several snow cave hazards in the neighborhoods and are asking for the community’s help in removing them from the public right of way. The town recommends keeping snow caves and other building activities at least 100 feet from the roadways.

Residents are encouraged to report icy roads, visibility problems at intersections or other concerns by calling the Public Works Department at 970-479-2158.

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