Annual NYC Trip for VMS Seniors Creates a Lifelong Memory |

Annual NYC Trip for VMS Seniors Creates a Lifelong Memory

Cindy Ramunno

Tradition. Each year, the seniors at Vail Mountain School embark on a trip to New York City, and each year, the seniors come back with memories that will last them a lifetime. In fact, many members of the VMS alumni have said their most beloved memory at the school was the senior trip to NYC.

“It was a great trip,” says Drew Riley, who had gone to NYC years earlier with his parents. “The class trip was better because I was there with my friends,” he says. The seniors took ‘bouncy balls’ everywhere in the city. They saw some shows, including the Blue Man Group, played laser tag and hit a Yankees game. They also got to experience a touching visit to the neonatal intensive care unit at Columbia Hospital. “I loved hanging out with my teachers there outside of school,” Riley adds.

Suzette Irons says one of the best things about the trip was shopping with her friends, and according to Irons and other seniors, teacher Mr. Ioli provided many laughs throughout the trip.

“Walking around the city at night with him was funny,” says Irons.

Ellie Rubenstein says the one thing that will stick with her about the trip was being bundled up in blankets at the Yankees game.

“It was 20 degrees outside,” she says. The best thing for Rubenstein was one of the shows. “Running to the Blue Man Group in the pouring rain was fun,” says Rubenstein. Riley, who will attend college at Bucknell or Lafayette to study engineering, says that he will miss the tight-knit feel of VMS.

“I love all the cross-age events and all of the activities that we do, but most of all I will miss the relationships formed with the teachers and students that I could only have formed in this school,” says Riley. Irons, who will attend Chapman University, agrees that the Class of 2006 is a very close group. Rubenstein will visit France, serve as a lifeguard in Nantucket, Mass., and ski in New Zealand before heading to Harvard University in the fall.

They will all go their separate ways after the graduation ceremony later this month, but one thing is for sure. The VMS Class of 2006 will always remember the senior trip to New York City, because that’s tradition.

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