Another 9/11 in paradise |

Another 9/11 in paradise

Don Rogers

Today, more Oktoberfest. Yes, even though it’s not October. Not by a longshot.Vail celebrates today, and there’s plenty to celebrate. Summer came with enough rain to keep wildfires at bay, despite droughty fears in spring, and we didn’t lack for visitors, either.Now the aspen provide their fiery glory on the mountainsides, and the air is beginning to chill each night to remind us of the snow – and ski season – to come.Oh yeah, Vail is No. 1. Again. And Beaver Creek has climbed to No. 4 in the ranking that counts, from SKI Magazine. As if we didn’t know. Aspen, Breck, Steamboat, whine and pose all you like. The truth hurts.Well, not necessarily. The truth here, for all of our many “problems,” is that we have it pretty darn good. If you can manage to be miserable here, well, you can just about guarantee you can be miserable anywhere.Not that we are immune from pain. The date alone today is enough to conjure up at least some for all of us. In a morning, we lost 3,000 in the World Trade Center and Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. And yeah, whatever delusions we held about America’s safety from deadly Islamic fanatics, well they collapsed too.While half of us continue to disagree completely with the other half over election questions spawned in part by 9/11, today we at least are united as Americans on this day attacked, remembering between hoists of the mug that even in paradise our world has sobered considerably. Vail, Colorado

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