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… Another girl’s treasure

Gabrie HigbieVail, CO Colorado

There is something to be said for recycling. It is earth friendly, wallet friendly and just plain fun. Especially when it comes to clothes. My aunt in New York is probably the world’s greatest collector. She can find treasures in every trove, even if it’s the garbage can of her apartment building in Scarsdale. That said, she is a classy woman. She has a houseboat that she docks in Bridgehampton, N.Y. – one of the infamous “Hamptons.” Every summer that I have spent with her on the boat is one that I have learned to look at discards a bit differently. People throwing garage sales in the Hamptons are discarding goods that “are so last year” but in Vail make you like the pinnacle of fashion.Translation: You can get a barely worn pair of Prada heels for about $20. No joke. I have found antique purses, felt hats reminiscent of Bonnie Parker, jeans, shoes. Name it, and I have found it the thrifty way. My love of thrift shopping began in high school. I wanted to look as different and “artsy” as possible, and I couldn’t find that at the Gap.I began to spend time strolling down Broadway. In Denver. At the time, Broadway was a thrifty shopper’s paradise. You could walk down the street and hit stores and stores selling so many different types of clothes. The variety could keep up with my daily transformation.One day, a tweed blazer, t-shirt and Levis. The next day, an Indian wrap skirt from the ’60s and huarache sandals. Robert Smith, and plain old high school girl – mini skirt, crimped ponytail, white blouse belted at the hip and a skinny neon tie. EG Smith scrunchy socks over the Reebok high tops, and on and on and on. I was a fashion chameleon, and the best place to shop were the second-hand stores.I just found a pale yellow dress with a pin tucked top, box pleats in the skirt put together by a band of sunflowers at Holy Toledo in Minturn. The sleeves and the neckline have crocheted appliques. I don’t know how old the dress is, but it has reminded me that a second-hand dress has a life of its own. It was cherished before me and will be cherished after me. We are lucky here in our valley to have women with great taste. A friend of mine bought a pair of Diesel jeans with the tags still on them at the Thrifty Shoppe in Edwards for $5. I have found items from Hard Tail, Prada, Gucci, True Religion and more.Happy sifting!

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