Another word for investment |

Another word for investment

Don Rogers

Smalltown governments routinely subsidize rec centers, community pools, affordable housing, theaters, amphitheaters, ice arenas, golf courses, bus service for tourists – and lots and lots and lots of events if they happen to be resort communities.So since when did the concept of annual funding from town coffers for a public conference center baffle anyone? Let’s see, an estimated 30-to-1 return on business for Vail for an investment of about $1 million a year. In Vail, estimates tend to be wildly off – the actual return on every investment to date has been greater than projected. The best business minds in town get it. That’s why the folks for economic progress nearly all favor building the conference center with funding from primarily the lodging tax.That’s why the people with actual expertise in lodging are for adding to the tax on their enterprises to support a conference center.That’s why the Vail Chamber and Tourism Bureau, the dominant business organization in and west of Vail, endorses the upcoming election question asking for a slight increase in the lodging tax for the center.That’s why despite an executive director near frothingly against the center, the town-only Vail Chamber and Business Association can’t make up its mind on this significant issue.That’s why the opposition is the same old crew that’s against nearly every bit of progress in town. If they can raise unreasonable fear high enough, they’ll prevail. Vail, Colorado

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