Answer to Vail Valley Voices column: God’s will is clear to me |

Answer to Vail Valley Voices column: God’s will is clear to me

Kyle Bradell
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. Bommarito, I find your commentary (“Much ado about gay marriage”) interesting to say the least.

You state that this problem of gay marriage has a few reasons that are “very cloudy” to understand.

I do not see anything cloudy when California has to vote twice on the matter to let the state supreme court and the legislature know what the people desire. (Remember that the government works for the people, not the other way around. So if the people want this law, then let it happen.)

Your next argument, my favorite, regards the Bible. There is certainly nothing cloudy about God’s stance on the matter. God’s laws and consequences regarding the realm of homosexuality are very clear. Just take the time to read the Bible.

However, judging from what you have written solely, you probably have not opened the Bible in awhile to know what God loves and hates.

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Lastly, you present another argument, which always amuses and saddens me: “The Bible is not the “holy book” for all Americans.”

Apparently you agree wholly with Mr. Obama when he traveled overseas and stated that we are not a Christian nation.

If this is the case, Mr. Bommarito, then, besides the Constitution, what kind of philosophical or belief system would you prefer to be the conscience of America?

Does Islam sound OK? I hope you definitely say no, for we can already see the rise and the conflict of Islam occurring in Europe on multiple cases now.

The rise of Islam is happening here in America, and Muslims all over the world do wish that our nation become Islamic despite CAIR’s rejection on this wish.

However, let me leave you with one more thought, Mr. Bommarito. If Islam does continue to rise in clout and, for the sake of the argument at this time, does take over America, I can guarantee you 100 percent that the Muslims will not put up with homosexuality, let alone gay marriage.

As their Islamic teachings mandate, such as the Koran and the Hadith, they will assuredly put a violent stop to gay marriage and homosexuality.

Already this can be seen on TV and be read in the newspapers when this practice is performed currently in Islamic countries.

So, Mr. Bommarito, would you prefer to play by God’s laws, which are just and good, or would you prefer to play by Islam’s laws, which are unjust and violent in regards to the matter of gay marriage?

Kyle Bradell


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