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Answerland " Crossroads’ public benefits

I’ve heard from reliable sources that Peter Knobel would only have to maintain his public benefits, i.e. skating rink, bowling alley, theater, etc., for a period of 21 years and not in perpetuity. I called in a Tipsline on it before, and it was ignored, so was that because I’m too right or too wrong.

The agreement between the town of Vail and the developer of Crossroads says Crossroads must operate the ice rink, movie theater and bowling alley for the life of the special development district, which will last as long as the building is there. Any change of use would require Crossroads to get approval from the Town Council.

If ownership of Crossroads changes, the same rules will apply to its new owner.

Crossroads has agreed to pay the town $5,000 per day for each day that the bowling alley does not operate, and pay $2,000 per screen per day for each day that the movie theater screens don’t operate.

The town would be able to get an injunction from a court to enforce these terms if Crossroads fails to hold up the agreement.

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