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Answerland – Garage Sale Signs

Q. Just curious ” what are the wooden garage sale signs on Metcalf Road for? There appears to be one near the Wildwood turnoff and another on Drawspur in Wildridge. I’ve never seen anything posted on them… and I’m pretty certain nobody is having garage sales right now. Thanks, Paul

A. The wooden signs in Wildridge and around Avon with “garage sale” carved into them are in place to hold notices for upcoming garage and yard sales, said Avon spokeswoman Jacquie Halburnt.

Twelve such posts were installed around the town ” mostly at the entrances to residential neighborhoods ” to cut down of the number of garage sale advertisements that are taped and glued to lampposts and stop signs.

Avon’s town code prohibits putting private signs on public property with fines of up to $300 and up to 90 days in jail as punishments for offenders, Halburnt said. Former town manager Bill Efting thought of creating the signs because town employees were spending so much time and money painting lampposts and stop signs that were stripped of paint because of the glue and tape from garage sale signs. People also seldom came back to take their signs down.

However, the posts haven’t much helped the situation, and the town is looking for other innovative ways of keeping garage sale signs off public property, Halburnt said.

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Despite the lack of garage sales in the winter, the poles are permanent.

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