Answerland – How harmless is ‘mag chloride?’ |

Answerland – How harmless is ‘mag chloride?’

Q: If magnesium chloride is really as harmless to the water and environment as we are told, how come the muck from the sand traps at the car washes has to be trucked to a toxic waste landfill instead of the county landfill, reportedly because of the mag chloride it contains?

A: We can’t confirm that. Ron Rasnic, who runs the Eagle County Landfill, said he understands a lot of car wash sludge is trucked to a special facility, but it’s his understanding that it isn’t a hazardous waste site.

And Glenn Miller, who owns car washes in Eagle and Glenwood Springs, said the stuff out of his traps is taken to local landfills.

“Anything that’s in it is taken care of by sunshine,” he said. “It’s no different summer or winter.”

We’d welcome any other comments from car wash owners. Click on the comments link above to give your input.

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