Answerland: I-70 construction |

Answerland: I-70 construction

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

Why don’t the highway crews work on I-70 at night like they do all over the country? Now we have a daily back up on I-70 for miles, which trickles down to gridlock traffic on Vail’s frontage roads and onto Hwy 6 too.

And if I may, if there is nothing that can be done about it on I-70, why doesn’t VPD get traffic control set up at thier roundabouts to ease congestion and give it flow?

The current construction has two components: re-paving the road, and replacing the middle barrier.

Work that involves re-paving the roads must be done at certain temperatures, and it gets too cold at night, Colorado Department of Transportation engineer Peter Kozinski said.

Also, CDOT underestimated the impact on traffic that this project would cause, Kozinski said. Traffic through the valley has increased in the last few years, and next season any barrier work will be done at night.

As for congestion through the roundabouts, Vail police chief Dwight Henninger said that traffic controls usually do not help, and in fact make the traffic worse.

Locals know to use the frontage road in high-traffic times, clogging up those exits, and there is also back up traffic from the interstate, he said.

“When all the ways to exit the roundabout are blocked up, there’s really nothing you can do,” he said.

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